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    Freezers are commonly used in domestic and industrial environments. No modern home or supermarket can do without one. The support lifetime of the refrigeration device depends upon the compressor. It functions probably the most important capabilities – it compresses and pumps freon vapors in to the condenser, raises the stress and temp from the freon.

    When considering time for you to change a compressor, there are lots of details to take into account. Also the reliability of the unit, even though this is not only power. We have to keep in mind that you have various kinds of compressors. One of them are screw, spiral and piston. They have got different technological configuration, characteristics and most importantly, style.

    The most prevalent are reciprocating compressors. They include a team of pistons (there could be as much as 12 of those). During compressor functioning, pistons compress the freon and advertise its blood flow. The operating chemical of these a system is refrigerant vapor. Please be aware that the complete pair of reciprocating compressors might be diverse – it all depends in the details of your technology. The strength of such a device depends on the volume of pistons.

    Attach compressors are seen as a a helical area. Such products job because of particular screw rotors. It is actually they who carry out the main project – the circulation and compression of freon. In contrast to reciprocating compressors, screw compressors have a superior frosty capacity. That is why they are commonly used in business refrigerators and air conditioning solutions. The ultimate configuration of your attach compressor depends on the features of your refrigeration equipment. These products are easy to use since they usually do not demand valves.

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